Infinity – Evolution -  double action airbrushes

If you have purchased an ”infinity” be sure to remove the protective cap and replace it with the crown cap before use.

The  Infinity “Two-in-One” comes with two separate combinations of needle & nozzle - a 0.15 mm needle/nozzle and a 0.4 mm needle/nozzle. (The 0.15 mm combination installed in the airbrush).

The 0.15 mm setup creates fine line detail. The 0.4 mm needle/nozzle combination is suitable to create superior Textile/Wearable Art with thicker viscosity paints.
All H&S airbrushes (except the Ultra –see accessory #104063) come with a “screwed on quick-connect nipple” that connects to the H&S airhose. 

 Paint volume control and “Quick fix” Paint volume control is included with the infinity and some other H& S airbrushes. Retrofitting is possible for all airbrushes. This special paint volume control feature lets the user fix the lever in a position so that only a desired amount of lever travel is possible, thus regulating the amount of paint to be sprayed out. With the quick fix feature (infinity) pulling back on the gold colored adjusting knob on the end releases the quick fix setting. It clicks and stays back, giving full control of the airbrush. To adjust the preset, simply press in the center of the knob and it locks.  Now make the adjustment until the desired amount of paint flow is reached.  Adjustment can only be made while the rear button is pushed in.  To return to full control, pull back on the gold colored adjusting knob.  The previously configured paint limit can be found again by repressing the button. The numbered dial makes it easy to make a note of a previous setting (number) that worked well for a particular project.

The trigger resistance is adjustable to fit the artist’s personal preference with regard to how “loose” or “tight” the trigger is supposed to feel.
Changing the needle/nozzle:

A change of needle size requires a correspondent nozzle size. Completely change the nozzle head on the front and exchange the needle. The available nozzle sets include air cap, nozzle and needle. The needle can be removed from the front or rear but most airbrush artists prefer to remove it from the front to prevent pulling paint through the needle seal and rear of the airbrush. Simply unscrew the air cap and the nozzle slides out with it. The needle is then clearly visible.  Remove the airbrush end piece and loosen the needle clamping nut, then push the needle from the back and pull it out from the front.  Handle with caution- do not disturb tip of needle, take special care when inserting into the airbrush as it is a fragile instrument and can bend easily.

The plug in Nozzle system makes Nozzle changing or cleaning easy. The self centering nozzle, with teflon packing attached, slips into a precision bore and is held in by the screw on nozzle cap. The crown tip goes over the cap and can easily be taken off for nozzle cleaning or replacing. All o-rings and seals that normally come in contact with paint are made of Viton or Teflon so even lacquers and solvents are no problem. However, it is not advisable to submerge the entire airbrush into a bath of solvent. The crown needle cap on the “INFINITY” slips on and off by friction.


IMPORTANT:  To avoid damaging the nozzle when assembling and disassembling the airbrush, make sure the quick fix is disengaged



The paint cups are screwed on and are sealed by an o-ring to prevent leakage. Cups come in several sizes and are interchangeable with other H&S airbrushes. Simply unscrew and replace with a different size as needed. 2ml, 5ml, 15ml, 50ml and 100ml lids are available.  There is also a very handy Micro cup for very small amounts of paint.

The crown cap (infinity) has two very fine points. This new “two pronged cap” or “crown cap” offers the best of both worlds, a clear view of the project yet the needle is protected from accidental damage. These points are tough enough to protect the tip but make the tip completely accessible from the sides. While painting, any possible build up is easily wiped away with a soaked cotton-tip. The crown cap can be removed by pulling it off if desired.

Distance cap: (Accessory) included with the Two in One Infinity: this is another needle cap of a different nature – shaped like a “halo”. It slides on and off easily after removing the crown cap and serves as a guide that can be used for creating straight lines by bracing against a ruler or other straight or curved edge or aide.


Disassembly of airbrush:

1.Remove air cap and nozzle.

2.Unscrew and remove the rear body end piece.

3.Loosen needle clamping nut.

4.Push needle from back end to expose more of the needle to the front and pull it out from the front.( you may also pull it out from the rear)

To Replace the needle seal:  Repeat steps 1-4.

Loosen center ring (on the Infinity) with tool provided then unscrew completely to remove the aasembly.  The lever device will easily lift out.

With the screwdriver tool #123933 remove the needle seal screw.

Replace the seal and reinstall the needle seal screw.

Re-assemble the airbrush in the reverse order.



Text Box:                              0.4 NOZZLE  -  1 WIDE NOTCH (BAND)
                             0.2 NOZZLE –    NO NOTCH
                             0.15 NOZZLE-  1 NARROW NOTCH
Text Box:                              0.4 NEEDLE –   1 NOTCH (BAND)
                             0.2 NEEDLE –   NO NOTCH
                             0.15 NEEDLE – NO NOTCH – BUT SHARPER THAN 0.2 





Helpful accessories

Fpc air valve (Fine pressure control air valve) #126353   A simple turn of the outside sleeve of the valve enables adjustment of air supply from approx. 20% to 100 %. Air volume can be adjusted rapidly while working.

To use: Remove the plug in nipple then unscrew the air valve, Attach fpc valve directly to airbrush (this replaces the air valve), then screw on the nipple. Then attach quick connect and hose, especially helpful if compressor does not have pressure reducer.

Quick action coupling with the adjustable air control is an ideal solution to connect the airbrush to the air hose. It allows air volume adjustment or complete shut off directly on instrument, as well as special effects (sprinkle effect for stars etc).

Screwdriver #123933-  for assembling of the needle seal for GRAFO, FOCUS & INFINITY & all Hansa airbrushes

Tool #117233-  to loosen center ring for disassembly of the Infinity (Now included with Two in One & Solo Infinity sets)

Nozzle cleaning set #117400- A handy tool set to clean nozzles and parts of airbrush for all airbrushes

Side fitting connector #124403- set that allows conversion to a suction system. Unscrew and replace. Work with larger volumes of paint.

Distance cap – (included with Two in One) – accessory for Infinity Solo –  attaches to airbrush - a tool for straight lines

Screwdriver - for assembling of the needle seal for GRAFO, EVOLUTION,FOCUS & INFINITY & all Hansa airbrushes


Our DVD   Airbrush Workshop

The DVD contains 90 minutes of video material, selectively available in German or English.

The presentation of airbrush principles introduces the viewer to different airbrush and compressor systems, explaining their varying functions and areas of application. The complete selection and use of the accessory range is also presented, from the quick-action coupling to the fpc valve.  Initial hurdles confronting beginners are explained in a practical manner (e.g. connection of airbrush instruments to a compressor and cleaning of airbrush instruments). After the first handling exercises, two step-by-step guides illustrate working with lose templates and masking film techniques in real time. The DVD also provides solutions to frequent errors and problems such as sloppy spraying characteristics, bubbling in the paint cup or lever jamming. In addition, it provides an overview of the Harder & Steenbeck range and for the first time offers a living insight into the manufacture of airbrush instruments.