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Quick-Fix Demo


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Evolution CRplus Twin Action von Harder & Steenbeck (German commentary)

Infinity Quick Fix (English commentary)

Replacing the nozzle set (German commentary)


Miniature wargaming models
by Andrew Goodridge

Painting Warhammer 40K: Space Wolves Terminator




Cleaning Instructions

An airbrush is a precision mechanics tool consisting of different materials. Proper cleaning

and the proper use contribute to a very high durability of the devices.

Never place the entire airbrush in cleaners or solvents! The mechanics of the airbrush has

many different parts that must not be cleaned and will lose their mechanical functions by

using cleaner.

Also any lubricants will be flushed out of the mechanical parts (air valve, Quick-Fix end piece,

end piece with paint volume control and the entire waist). Only the parts that come into con-

tact with paint, have to be cleaned (nozzle, air cap, needle, color cup and body)!

What cleaner can be used?

Generally the cleaner depends on the paint's basis. For example, water-based acrylic paint

can easily be cleaned with water. Additionally a customary airbrush cleaner like Hansa pro-

color airbrush cleaner should however be used for a thorough cleaning. This cleaner must in

no case be aggressive, or contain salt or ammonia. In general, different metals must not be

cleaned together in the same bath, otherwise an electrolytic reaction occurs.

Alcohol or thinner may be used in accordance with the materials of the parts. Please neces-

sarily read the safety instructions of the respective manufacturers.

May an ultrasonic bath be used?

Only the parts mentioned above may be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath for a short time. Espe-

cially with regard to outer parts a rubber mat should be placed on the bottom of the ultrasonic

bath to prevent scratching. In the ultrasonic bath only cleaners as described above should

be used.

Which auxiliary cleaning tools can be used in addition?

Paint brushes, cotton swabs, nozzle cleaning set, consisting of nozzle cleaning needle and

special brushes. (Item no. 117400), nozzle cleaning needle (Item no. 117403)

A detailed cleaning instruction please find inside the manual or on our website at