INFINITY  Two in One ~ Intelligent and elegant

The high-tech airbrush instrument for professional artists. This new airbrush not only sets new standards in design, it also offers intelligent functions and ergonomic excellence.
The INFINITY Two in One is a newly designed double action airbrush.  Only the finest quality materials along with state of the art CAD and CNC techniques have been incorporated.  In designing this airbrush, highest emphasis was placed on easy handling, clean lines, universal application as well as ruggedness of the individual components.
A completely new lever system makes minute adjustments possible, yet the advanced ergonomics still allow convenient disassembly.  The infinity Two in One is the newest airbrush series by Harder & Steenbeck. It is available in a "solo" version and as a "Two in One" version.


  • innovative, adjustable trigger mechanism
  • self-centering socket-type nozzle system
  • removable needle cap
  • improved precision quick- fix end piece with numbered dial
  • ease in handling
  • future-orientated design
  • brilliant, very fine spray characteristics
  • excellent cost/performance ratio




Model type:     Two in One with Quick-Fix w/2ml cup,

                                                   5ml cup & 0.15, 0.4 Nozzle sets  126543

                  Instruction Manual


Infinity Quick-Fix adjustment knob & nozzle with removable cap   Newly designed distance cap for accuracy and optimum viewing of work

Now included with the Two in One


Nozzle with clear-view  of removable nozzle cap/ adjustable quick-fix end piece with dial. Lever in new excenter technology and adjustable trigger resistance

The Infinity is very easy to clean





Operating instruction Infinity
PDF file


Parts for INFINITY

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 The new Infinity & Two in one Infinity 

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The "Infinity two in one" (includes nozzle set 0.15mm + 0.4mm, 2ml cup + 5ml cup) and the Infinity Solo (0.15mm nozzle, 2ml cup) are equipped with Quick-fix.  A simple push of the button will activate Quick-fix.  A numbered adjusting ring limits the amount of paint.  A reset button can be depressed at any time to reset the amount of paint.


  1. nozzle 0.15 mm integrated
  2. nozzle 0.4 mm included
  3. paint cup 2 ml integrated
  4. paint cup 5 ml included
  5. Quick-fix end piece with dial
  6. presented in exclusive case
  7. tool to loosen center ring
  8. distance cap
  9. protective cap

  1. nozzle sets 0.15/0.2/0.4/0.6mm
  2. fpc-air valve (fine pressure control)
  3. side fitting connector set with two glass cups
  4. exclusive airbrush holder design
  5. paint cup 2 ml, 5 ml, 15 ml,  50 ml, 100 ml
  6. air line connector
  7. nozzle cleaning set (nozzle cleaning needle and brush)
  8. screwdriver for assembling of the needle seal
  9. airbrush holder in different designs

A complete list of all spare parts with corresponding item numbers can be found under "Spareparts".


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