Q. I have noticed that my infinity is a lot quieter than my other airbrushes, what is the reason for that?

A. The reason for less "hiss" is that the infinity uses less air. The boring in the air cap is finer (smaller) than in other airbrushes and therefore less air is required. Harder & Steenbeck listened to airbrush artists who said that their airbrushes used too much air, and therefore built the infinity so that it uses only 5 liters of air per minute.  Because less air is passing through, there is a lot less sound.


Q. If the infinity requires less air, can I get away with a smaller compressor?

A. Yes, because the infinity performs with less air, you can get away with smaller compressors.


Q. My instruction manual says to use between 1.5 - 3.o bars.  What is that in psi (pounds per square inch)?

A. That would be about 22 - 42 psi.


Q. What is unique about the trigger of the infinity?

A. The trigger of the infinity is uniquely smooth with virtually no resistance. For artists who prefer more tension it can be adjusted individually on each infinity.


Q. I have the Harder & Steenbeck basic module airbrush holder for 2 airbrushes. I would like to use it as a manifold, what do I need?

A. In order to use the modular airbrush holder as a manifold you need 2 hoses (part #110273 or #110283). Each hose attaches to the modular holder and the other end to the airbrush. The compressor hose attaches to the end of the modular holder.


Q. How many airbrushes can the modular airbrush holder accommodate?

A. The basic module holds two airbrushes. Extensions for the basic module are available and each holds one additional airbrush.


Q. Does the modular holder work for other brands of airbrushes?

A. Yes, the modular holder can be used for most airbrushes. For the Harder & Steenbeck Colani airbrush, which has a different shape, a special sleeve insert (#110251) is available.


Q. I am a beginning airbrusher and I am trying to decide between a braided hose and a plastic hose, which is better?

A. That is a matter of personal preference. The fabric hoses are normally more durable and more flexible. Some artists prefer the clear plastic hoses because possible condensation is visible.


Q. Do I need a moisture trap?

A. Our Eurotec 10A compressor comes with a no pulsation, moisture-filter which prevents pulsation  and maisture.  The black spiral hose serves as cooling coil between compressor and  moisture trap.


Q. What is the FPC valve used for and with what airbrushes does it work?

A. The FPC (fine pressure control valve) can be used with all double action airbrushes. It enables the artist to control the air pressure from   approx. 20%-100%


Q. What is the purpose of the numbered dial on the infinity?

A. When you find a preset that you like you can check what the dialed number is and make a note of that number for that same paint mixture.  Each number will cause the airbrush to spray more or less paint.  You can note several settings and return to the setting you need.


Q. What is meant by “quick fix”?  

A. To limit the amount of paint you want.   In order to go to the preset, simply press the silver button in the center of the knob and turn the dial to the desired setting.  When you want full control of the paint again just pull back on the golden adjusting knob again.


Q. What kind of paint can I spray with my infinity?

A. Virtually any kind of paint can be used.


Q. Are Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes solvent proof?

A. All the o-rings are made of Viton and packings are Teflon so even laquers are no problem.

It is not recommended to submerse the entire airbrush into a bath of solvent.


Q. I am left handed – how is it possible for me to use the Colani airbrush?

A. The Colani can be used either right or left handed.  With the tool that is included you can switch the airbrush from right to left handed.


Q. What is the purpose of the distance cap that comes with the infinity two in one?

A. The distance cap allows the artist to run the airbrush along a straight edge for perfectly straight lines. Some airbrush teachers use the distance cap in their classes as a training tool for beginning airbrushers.


Q. Why did Harder & Steenbeck design the two pronged cap on the infinity?

A. In order to have better visibility of their project, many artists prefer to work with no cap at all. In doing so, great care has to be taken that the needle is not damaged.   You may also remove the crown cap if desired.  The new “two pronged or crown cap” offers the best of both worlds, a clear view of your work yet the needle is protected from accidental damage. The crown cap has two very fine points which are enough to protect the tip but make the tip completely accessible from the sides. Any possible build up is easily wiped away with soaked Q-tip.


Q. What is the difference between the “fine line” and the regular air cap?

A. The fine line caps are the crown caps


Q. What is the difference between the “classic double action” airbrushes and the “automatic double action” airbrushes?

A. Classic double action: (Focus, Infinity)  you have to push trigger down to get air, then pull backwards for paint.  With the fixed (automatic) double-action you pull the trigger backwards, and first air - then paint will flow. This is popular on many German- made airbrushes. (Grafo, Colani, Hansa models).


Q. What kind of warranty do I get with my Harder & Steenbeck airbrush?

A. Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes come with a limited 10 year warranty. All airbrushes have a serial number so that the manufacturer is able to tell the date of manufacture. This warranty covers all defect in materials and manufacture, providing proper use. Exempt are parts of normal wear and tear such as seals, nozzles, needles. Please note that the warranty is void if the airbrush has been altered in any way or has been tampered with. If service is required, mail the product prepaid to the manufacturer Harder and Steenbeck. Please include name, address and a brief explanation of the problem.


Q. Is it possible to use a 0.6 needle and nozzle with the infinity?

A. Yes, that is possible, but only with the correct aircap (0.6).Or use the nozzle set 0.6 of the regular Evolution (not fine line). Currently, the 2 pronged aircap is not available in 0.6 version.


Q. How easy is it to change the needle on the infinity?

A. The needle is simply removed from the front. Just unscrew the cap and the nozzle slides out with it. The needle is then clearly visible surrounded by the o-ring. It comes out with a push from the back.


Q. I have an Iwata hose. How can I connect it to my new Harder & Steenbeck airbrush?

A. The Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes (except Ultra, purchase it as a small extra) come with a detachable quick-connect nipple and the hose has the portion that you insert the quick-connect into. If you remove the nipple from the Infinity the fitting there is the same size as an Iwata. The Iwata hose will fit, but it means you won't be able to use the quick-connect. If you already have quick-connects for the Iwata then just get another (Iwata) nipple (instead of the H&S nipple) with the H/S....the part the nipple screws on the base of the A/B is the same.


Q. I took my needles out of the tubes and I think I have mixed up my needles and nozzles and I am not sure which is which now, can you help?

                          A. HOW TO TELL NOZZLES AND NEEDLES APART


                             0.4 NOZZLE  - 1 WIDE NOTCH (BAND)

                             0.2 NOZZLE – NO NOTCH

                             0.15 NOZZLE-  1 NARROW NOTCH


                             0.4 NEEDLE –  1 NOTCH (BAND)

                             0.2 NEEDLE –  NO NOTCH

                             0.15 NEEDLE –  NO NOTCH– BUT SHARPER THAN 0.2



Q. Are the Eurotec 10A compressors ready to use and what kind of oil do they need?

A. The Eurotec 10A compressor comes ready to use and does not require any oil. The compressor is supplied with a black spiral hose (for cooling) and a second clear hose which has a threaded fitting that fits the compressor and a quick coupling to the airbrush on the other side.


Q. Can I interchange the color cups between different H &S airbrushes?

A. All color cups are easily interchangeable on all airbrushes except for the Ultra.  Lids are available for all cups.


Q. I often work on large murals, what is the largest color cup available for the Colani airbrush?

A. The largest cup available is the 100ml. It is a metal cup that comes with a lid.


Q. I have heard that there are certain tools that are recommended for the infinity. What are they and what are they used for?

A. Screwdriver - for assembling of the needle seal for GRAFO, FOCUS & INFINITY & all Hansa airbrushes

      Tool -  to loosen center ring for disassembly of the Infinity

      Nozzle cleaning set – to clean nozzles on all airbrushes


Q. How can I be sure to get a genuine “made in Germany” airbrush and not a counterfit version ?

A. We recommend that you purchase your H&S airbrush only from one of our authorized dealers, A list of dealers is published on our website or please call or e-mail for a list of dealers worldwide. It is recommended to stay away from online auctions or suspiciously super low prices.


Q. What is the needle and nozzle of the infinity made of?

A. The needle is stainless steel, the nozzle is an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc.